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5 Places You Must Visit In This Lifetime

5 Places You Must Visit In This Lifetime

Our Earth is a very beautiful and huge place. There are thousands or maybe more natural and manmade wonders all around the globe. As humans we always are interested in exploring new and wonderful places on this planet. Watching those places online or digitally is nothing compared to seeing them with naked eye. With modern technological advancements travelling is getting more and more cheaper and faster with time. In this article we have selected five most prominent and exquisite places in our planet, continue reading to checkout the top 5 places to visit in this lifetime.

Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights):

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            Travellers all around the world come to see this natural wonder located in high altitude Antarctic region. These phenomena occur due to the few escaped high energy light rays coming directly from sun and pass through the earth’s magnetic field and enter our atmosphere only at north and south poles, and reacting with oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. This phenomenon occurs only certain times a year.

Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza:

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            Everyone would have heard about the pyramids of Egypt. There are several but only few are more attracted by tourists coming to Egypt. The pyramid of Giza stands number one, even after many scientific studies and researches no one exactly know how and why these huge structures are built. Other popular pyramids surrounding Giza are Great pyramid of Khufu, pyramids of Khfre, Menkaure and Snefuru. These are mammoth structures which intimidate the viewers.

Italy’s Positano:

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            This ultra-beautiful little beach town is situated on the Amalfi coast of Italy. This tiny beach village is famous for romantic beaches and luxury hotels. This place is mainly visited by couples and younger generations. The beaches here are so beautiful and picturesque, don’t forget taking a good digital camera while going to Positano.

Venice – Italy:

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            Who doesn’t know Venice, situated in the northeastern part of Italy. This city was constructed on 118 small islands connected with canals and tributaries. The complete city floats on water and has many names due to that. Due to the rising sea levels all around the world, geologists say Venice has only few decades left before submerging completely in water. Don’t be late pack your bags now.

Parvati Valley – Himalayas:

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            Situated amidst the gorgeous Himalayan valleys, this place is a natural wonder with less tourists coming in every year due to this reason this place still has untouched natural places. This place is an adventurer’s paradise, where trekking, river rafting and many other extreme sports can be enjoyed. There’s no need to plan particular places to visit in this valley as the whole valley is filled with beautiful nature and glaciers.

These are the top five places to visit once in a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and visit these places before it’s too late.

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