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    Most Popular Cuisines You Must Try

    Most Popular Cuisines You Must Try


We all are very choosy when it comes to our taste buds and it doesn’t matter if you’re a person who loves to cook or just loves to eat. Some of us out there would either pick Chinese, classic American, Mexican or Italian as our all time favorite. Exploring different types of cuisine is so much fun as you’ll discover new cooking styles and variety of flavors. The cuisines might be less familiar to you and you would have to step out of your comfort zone as well. Here are the four most popular cuisines that one must try,


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German food is basically a combination of bread and meat. The traditional German food is quite different, from wursts (sausages) to appetizing dumplings and lip-smacking pastries. Another famous dish is  ‘Spatzle’ which is nothing but thick (German) pasta topped with bacon, cheese, and fried potatoes. Vegetables like cabbage, carrots, spinach, turnips, beans and peas are added to stews and soups, while asparagus is considered as another side dish. The dishes aren’t too spicy and herbs like thyme parsley and chives are used.


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Indian cuisines vary from region to region. Most of the dishes are vegetarian, and beef is rarely used. This particular cuisine is a blend of impressive diversity and uses flavors, ingredients and spices from all round the corner. Spices are a must when it comes to Indian cooking and the list is pretty long from ginger, cumin,turmeric, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, chili pepper to cayenne. The staple food is mainly rice either brown or white along with vegetable or meat curry. 


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Vietnamese food on the other hand reflects their culture’s desire for stability, that is focusing on the perfect blend of sour, spicy, salty, bitter and sweet. They try to incorporate colors that appeal to our main senses. The famous soy sauce, fermented sauce (also called as nuoc mam) and shrimp paste are prevalent while oil and dairy are rarely used. Vietnamese chefs use fresh herbs like mint, ginger, lemongrass, lime, coriander, basil and cinnamon for their signature dishes.


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Korean cuisines mainly include rice, veggies, fish and meat that are either grilled or steamed. A special Korean dish called ‘Kimchi’ is a spicy fermented vegetable curry that can be eaten at any time of the day. Prevalent seasonings consists of sesame oil,soy sauce, pepper flakes, chilly paste and fermented bean.

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